After their work, the DL came to mine today to have some dinner, and take Mary out to drive, all of us, since she was so confident, and actually good. I said to them on the phone, I have a surprise for you. I also said um can you bring dinner at all? They said don't worry, we've already got some sorted. I felt happy knowing that I have such great friends who had already thought of bringing dinner to make life easier for me. On the other hand, that means that my cooking...

We had some pasta and meatballs, and the D asked how the M was going, and I said oh she's going alright, she's already gone on the roads, that was the surprise. He said how well, and I told him. He said he knew M would be a good driver. I said yep, let's just not get pulled up, and asked 'who's the driver?' I said thanks you both for all your help in training, and in that fantastic obstacle course. She's learnt a lot from it, and from you. They also asked after my microwaves. I pointed them to the benchtop. I said D how many can go on one circuit? I haven't been brave enough to turn them all on yet.

Then we took Mary out to drive. I sat in the passenger, D in the driver, and L in the back, not that it mattered since we weren't driving. D mainly sat in the front to talk to, and instruct Mary, but as it turned out, there wasn't much instructing to do, and so they mostly fell to chatting. About hyperfluxinator flooglibits, I think. Me and L talked about work, and how hers was going, difficult and all, and how I was looking for some. So I said to her, you know, we should just switch jobs, we'd both be happy that way, and she laughed. She also said that she didn't think the firm would take on someone with no publishing knowledge, and also that she couldn't receive my stipend. I said true, but I do actually know about PPI and GSM. She said oh yeah? I said yep, I can help them get their DPIs down to zero, if they need my help. She said uh well I don't think they'll need your help right now. I said oh right, well keep me in mind.

We did a loop of the north-east area, and then went back. It was a nice drive out there before sunset, and then we all watched the sun go down as we sat in the garage and drank some cola. I said to the DL, now what did you think of the M? They said they were very impressed, and Mary honked. The L said that she thinks Mary is good enough to try some more decent traffic. I said well maybe you're right, but one step at a time. Then we all watched the sun go down together, and I thought of how much it reminded me of the color of that packet of crisps I microwaved recently.

- Livi.