I opened up all of the cards I had from my birthday today, most of them very much warmed my heart (but not to 38 Celsius, that's hyperthermia). In one of them, actually most of them, they said along the lines of 'hope you enjoy driving in town,' and I thought it was very kind of them to hope I had gotten adjusted well enough from the city, but as a sort of tangent, it also made me think of Mary, and hmm well maybe she's ready for driving soon. I gave the D a call to see what he had to say, and he said well he thought the M was pretty capable. I said true, also since I told her she wasn't ready to drive on the roads, she took that really well, and hasn't complained, so I guess it's time to reward her. So I went down to the garage and said, you know what Mary, I think it's time for you to learn to drive on the real roads. You know all the rules and lights now, I'll just brief you on some of the signs. This I did for the next half hour or so, and then we talked a bit, before Mary asked, so can I go out on the roads now? I said you know what, it's before the work rush home, so why not? Let's just keep it around the block, and make sure you go slow and listen to what I say, since this is your first time out on the roads. She said ok Livi I'll do as you say, and so we went out.

It was only about an hour drive I think, we kept it well before any real traffic started getting on the road, and I have to say that I was very impressed with Mary, still am. You know, for all of that three-year-old in her, there's an awful lot of going-on-sixteen which I respected, well the practical understanding part, glad there was none of that rebellious stuff today. So we drove home, and Mary was chatting all the while, saying how much she loved it and how glad she was to drive, and I said well Mary, you're a real driver now. I'll take you out again tomorrow.

So as the sun set, I was talking to Mary as I went downstairs to throw out some bits of cardboard from the first microwave I was unpacking. Because well, you remember that scrambled eggs and toast recipe I told you about? No? Well, my microwave didn't work so well after it.

- Livi.