Now I'm sure you're all wondering what happened to that pile of gifts I got given yesterday. Well they were all delivered today, all thirty-two of them. Mark the parcel man was in fact hired with his enormous van, and L said that when they called him and gave him my name, he said oh yes, I know that place, I know that place very well. I said oh well good Mark the parcel man feels like I'm a part of the town now. So they arrived a bit past five, and paid Mark extra to deliver everything. I said oh hi Mark, he said hi Miss Paige, um we have quite a few deliveries for you. I said all good, just put it with the ol' fans and marimba, also with the present I haven't unwrapped from Mom and Dad, which seems to be the same size as all these other presents. So they all came in, DL and Susan kindly helped, and before long it was even less of a living room. Susan said Livi why do you have a marimba and six fans in your living room? I said I don't really even still know, do you want them? She said actually yes the fans would be great, the marimba not so much. I said they're all yours, and sighed a sigh of relief. But then I looked at the thirty-three medium sized boxes. I said I'm scared to know how much you paid for them, whatever THEM is. They said don't worry one of your friends paid for most of it. I said oh well that's very kind, that's very kind of all of you. And parcel man left, he looked at the place with eyes kind of squinted as he went. I think the pressure of business is probably getting to him. DLS said open it! And so I did. You are all probably dying to know, as I was, and are thinking right now, hmm what on earth could Livi have received for her birthday, thirty-two gifts from friends, plus one from M and D? Since it's impossible that you know, I'll tell you.

They were microwaves. I know, I was shocked at first too, I mean think, how did they know my microwaves have a tendency to keep baking? I mean keep breaking. I seem to go through one at the rate of every two months or so. For this, I realized I would now have a steady supply for a year or so, maybe two. And it was then I got really grateful, and said with tears in my eyes, thank you thank you all, you don't know how difficult it is to cook by oneself, and especially how everything is made for planned obsolescence today, nothing is made to last. I know you all must be envious, I can't imagine how many ovens you with families must go through - it's a hard world to live in! - but I thank you so much for your generosity today! Then we talked, and Susan said she had to leave. I said sure, but can you take your fans first? She said if I can get to them.

I also went to the shop, and bought some baking paper on the L's suggestion, because she saw my microwave, and apparently if you put something on the turntable, and then cook your food on that something, you don't get scorch marks. You learn something new every day. It gets annoying sometimes.

- Livi.