I've a confession to make, and it's that I've been kind of lazy these last few weeks, not with trying to find work, but about the house. Not that I'm feeling real down (or imitation down, which my pillow is), but that there's a kind of what-am-I-doing-anymore feeling that crops up from time to time. I try to shun all penguins, but sometimes the penguins won't be shunned. And usually it's the housework that gets left to last, or second-to-last, because last place is always trying to learn to cook from scratch. That said, I was busy around the place getting everything I thought I might need for the sports day ready today. I washed my refurbished prisoner suit because it smelled a bit musty, and then went to make some dinner. Eggs on toast, actually. A last minute scramble. Then as my suit came out of the washing machine, I had the sudden realization that it would never dry in time on the line, mostly because it's winter, and I don't have a drying machine. I don't even know if there is a laundromat in town. So I thought to myself, ok Livi what can you do? I was pacing around the kitchen when suddenly I saw my new-bought appliance, and a thought went DING!

Well, actually, said appliance went DING! but that was after about half a minute on high. You see, I remembered from when I was a ten (yes another story, those were fruitful years of learning) that when you microwave bread, it goes dry. So I put my wet shirt on for the good old faithful :30. It buzzed, and then I took it out, and I realized that it was still wet, but just slightly warm. And then I realized, that when you microwave bread, it doesn't go like toast, it just kind of goes squishy, and then if you leave it out long enough, it gets dry. The microwave doesn't dry out bread like toast, and neither did it dry out my clothes. The obvious solution, then, was to put it in the toaster.

But I won't bore you with more cooking stories. And I'm sure you don't want to read about me just making plain ol' eggs on toast.

- Livi.