I was pretty flocked with people after the service today. It's nice to feel so loved, although I bet there's a racing event going on in town, at the back of people's minds. Susan came up first to me and said Livi happy birthday! What are you doing? Are you coming to the sports festival? I said I sure am, they're even having me disqualificate. Susan said fantastic, well I'll see you there for your birthday, make sure you catch up with me! I said sure, but please don't buy anything for me though, I'm ok. She said too late, I've already bought something. I said oh well that's very kind of you, I guess I can't ask you to return it to the store. She said no. Kingsley came up to me afterwards and wished me happy birthday, said how am I, and what am I doing, and I said all of the things that I said to Susan. He said oh well I'll come too after work, I'll be able to catch the end of it at least. I said that would be great. He said I've got something to give you too, before I forget, on Tuesday. I said it's not a gift, it is? He said it is. I said wow I'm pretty lucky this year. Some other people not going to the sports day also came up and talked to me, Mrs. Robertson in particular mentioned how their son was learning to drive, and was doing well on the actual roads, as if there were types of roads that were not actual. I guess it's the time of year where people learn to drive? And non-people, but Mary thinks otherwise.

Apart from that it was a fairly regular Sunday, and always grateful for Sundays.

- Livi.