I had a few calls from people I know today, which was nice, mostly wishing me a happy birthday. Most of them were old friends, and or relatives that I know from where I grew up, and we had a good long chat about things, and about me, I guess, because they called to wish me a happy birthday. One of my aunts called first in the morning, and asked how I was doing, and I said that I was doing very well, and am happy in Sparrow Falls. We talked a bit about what was going down in her neighborhood, I've been there a few times, and the events that were on. She said also that she liked driving, even this time of year in winter, and that she was glad her father taught her to drive in the city rather than on a test course. I said oh yeah, fair enough, and we talked for a while longer and then hung up. One of my old school friends also called, she's a journalist now, and wished my a happy birthday. She said am I doing anything? I said kind of, I'm going to this sports day thing that's suddenly on, or I missed hearing about. She said oh what sports are there, and was I getting involved? I laughed and said you bet your bottom dollar I am. Then we talked about autumn going, and more particularly I said how I'm missing the fall colors. She said oh well, at least you can drive. You know, they say it's important to keep practising these things to be a safe driver. I said yeah ok. Then an old work colleague called of Dad's, who I knew when he came over, he also wished me a happy birthday and mentioned something about driving. Is Nascar on? I said. He said not that he knew of. I said oh right, just car things seem to keep cropping up. All good. Then he wished me all the best and hung up.

Well, I looked out the window and felt a bit sorry for autumn. It's all gone, and the town looks so bare. It's green, but barren on the trees, and pretty gray sometimes. Still, I've had lots to do, like teaching Mary how to drive. Which I couldn't forget about, even if I tried. She's fine on the country roads, she is, really, for now.

- Livi.