Still going on with the trying to get fired, and teaching the M how to drive. She seems to have dropped the subject of driving in town, which I'm grateful for. She always comes around to see my point eventually. I had a call from the Russians today, more specifically one of the approximately four thousand Russians in town. They wanted to ask me what they needed to bring for the events I was organizing for the sports day, since it was on Tuesday. I said well here's a shopping list, and proceeded to hand it to them. Verbally, of course, I don't think landlines have fax built in yet. You will need, I said to them:

- Large, marimba sized boxes, one for each athlete, minus four. I said I could donate one, marimba included.
- Assorted tins of paint, and paint brushes.
- Helmets, visors, and insurance.
- Water pistols.
- Whacking bread a-plenty. Bigger is better.
- Lots of chairs.
- Bows and arrows. By arrows I mean sticks with balls on the end, or else celery stalks. I can refer you to someone who likes to buy these in bulk.
- Line marking paint.
- Six fans. This wasn't actually part of any of my events, more just a way to recover my living room.

Before he hung up, I asked him, do you, or your spouse by any chance like cooking? He said yes. I said in your cooking, do you tend to use much paprika, and or peppercorns? He said no. I said oh well never mind then, thanks.

- Livi.