So yesterday after my walk when I went to pick up Mary, Dylan invited me to join him and his girlfriend out for dinner, since I was new to town (Mary and Dylan had a good long chin-wag, in case you're wondering). I said yes, always good to meet new people, and also good to find new places to eat. I mean, places to eat AT, I don't go around eating restaurants. He asked me what kind of food I liked, I said pizza is always good. He said he'd figure out a good place with his girlfriend and get back to me before too late.

So it's the next day, and I'm driving home after work. Speaking of which, I'm getting pretty good at helping customers and packing things, I think. The Sizzlers chips, by the way, I bought for an aftermorning snack, they do in fact taste like chips. Anyhow, I was driving back and Mary asked where we were going. I said I didn't quite know, and that I was just following directions they gave me. She asked what we were having. I said pizza. She asked could she come in. I said no, the door was probably only a meter wide. She said then can I have some takeout.

All together now,


But we arrived at the restaurant before too long, I was by that time pretty hungry and in serious need of some pizza. I walked in, and saw Dylan and Elle there. They said what kind of pizza did I want. I said anything. Then we talked, but all I could think of was pizza. Then it arrived.

This... was not what I thought of. However, it was actually, and verifiably (according to the scientific method) amazing. I once had the idea when I was seven to crossbreed slurpees and steak pies, which were two of my favorite summer foods (don't judge me). However, their gastronomic experiment turned out better than mine. Maybe it was because I used the microwave.

Dylan, you know, is the mechanic at Sparrow Auto, and Elle sells magazines. Elle (also known as L) had been raised in Sparrow Falls, while Dylan came here only a few years ago. They seemed both pretty happy, so I guess they'll probably stay here. I asked what things a person like me should do in Sparrow Falls to get to know the place and the people. She said near the end of summer they hold a great big sporting festival (of sorts) I shouldn't miss. Also that there are a couple good restaurants like this. I said what about the Falls? She said oh yeah I forgot. I guess its like the sparrows.

We might catch up again (hope we will), great time meeting them and learning some about the place. From now on, whenever I have pizza, it will be sushi pizza. Also, just as a side note, don't crossbreed a ham sandwich and a jelly slice. I may have tried that when I was twelve.

- Livi