At five to five there was a knock at the door. I said what is this Mary? She said I didn't have anything to do with it. I said I don't believe you. So I opened the door. I said hi Mark, how are the parcels going? He said good. He also said that I had a delivery from Mr. and Mrs. Paige. I said oh Mom and Dad didn't say anything about a package. I said thanks, and he gave me this huge parcel about half the size of a fan box, but much more heavy. I said um thanks, and he went. It was an expedited delivery shipment, and it had on the label, "To Olivia. Do not open before your birthday." So I went into my living - AHEM, my PARCEL ROOM, and put the package beside the marimba and fans. My view out the window was now partially blocked. I said well I'll thank my parents on Sunday, I guess. They must have wanted to make sure it arrived in time. Yep, they'll always treat me like I'm still their little girl.

Well, I sat down to deliberate on my choice of events for the sports day occasion thing. They gave me five openings. Let me then present to you Livi Boxing, Livi Hurdles, Livi Chairs, Livi Archery, and, because Kingsley wouldn't let me play it with him at the instead, Livi Chess. I can't give away too much about them all right now, except to say that Livi Chess involves leap frog and whacking bread.

- Livi.