It was the LOP teaching the M to drive today, we had set up a bit more of an obstacle course in the field, trying to make it resemble actual driving around corners and stopping at lights and parking and so on. She did a good job of it, and we stood there watching her drive for a while and talked to each other. L said so what are you doing for your birthday, Livi? I said well not much planned, might get some sushi again if you and D-man are keen. She said what! and that I should do something more exciting, like how about since it's on the same day as the sports day, I referee? I said wait there's a sports day? And I can referee? She said yes, well actually they're not sure what the sports are going to be yet, maybe you can invent some for them.

THEY WANT ME TO INVENT SPORTS? This is the best news I've heard in a long time.

I said L that sounds wonderful, I even have my old refurbished prisoner outfit in my wardrobe and ready to go. But who's organizing this thing? Is it open to anybody? I didn't hear about it. She said well it's a kind of last-minute decision by the organizer, but they felt like there should be a sports day. I said well I'm not complaining, count me in! I said by the way please don't buy me any gifts, I've got enough stuff. If you'll come along it'll be great though. She said yeah I'll definitely come along, but I've already bought you a gift. I said wow that's kind of you, alright then. And so we continued teaching Mary.

The Russians don't know what they're in for.

- Livi.