Hello everybody, this is Mary! I'm writing over Livi's blog post to tell you about a secret plan that I have. Don't worry, Livi won't know, she doesn't check her old blogs at all. So what I'm writing to tell you about today is Livi's birthday! You see, she's a grumpy old person who doesn't even have a plan to celebrate her birthday, so I came up with one. What I want you all to do is to make another Triathlon, like the one this year. Only it's for one day only on June the Ninth, and you have to ask her to come up with all the events. I know she likes to make Livi sports, so please invite her to the reserve and tell her it's for a sports day.

Also I know that you don't know what to get Livi, because Livi is weird and even I don't know what to get her. She still hasn't eaten the paprika or the peppercorns I bought for her, it's hard to know what to get a difficult person like Livi. But there is one thing I know she likes, and that is microwaves. She calls them ovens of the future, I think because she has a complex, at least that's what she tells everyone, and she thinks she's travelled into the future, and in the future all they cook with is microwaves. It's hard to take care of Livi. But she keeps breaking her microwaves, don't ask me how, and she's gone through three microwaves in the time she's lived in Sparrow Falls, so what I think you all really need to do is buy her a microwave for her birthday. That way she'll be able to cook food for at least another year. She tells me she can cook well on the stove, but the firefighters said she can't.

Ok everybody, I also want to say thank you for helping me to get to drive. I like driving. But Livi won't let me drive on the roads yet. What I need you to do is to tell her that real good drivers need to practice on the real roads. Then I'll be a real driver, and I can drive myself anywhere I want to go.

Goodbye for now, people!

- Mary.