I took Mary out for a drive on the country roads again, and she was driving very well. She kept to the right side of the roads, didn't veer onto the grass, took the turns at a reasonable speed, and even stopped for a goose, and didn't honk. She honked at all the ducks though. I said Mary you're doing very well, keep at it. She said Livi I want to drive in the town now, I've been doing this for so long. I said not yet Mary, you'll get there eventually, but need more practice. She said but why? I'm already good, aren't I? I said the DL and I have more road rules to teach you, it's not that simple. And then she kicked up a big fuss about how I was always stopping her from doing what she wanted, and how unfair I was. I said how does your garden grow? She said what? I said does it have silver bells, and cockle shells? She said what are cockle shells? I said I don't really know, but that's what contrarians have in their gardens.

We drove back, or rather should I say that I drove back, and Mary wasn't at all too happy for the rest of the day. Growing pains, I guess, or teething? Neither of those really make any sense for Mary. I called the D and said, maybe check her oil levels, she's pretty rough today with me. I didn't say too much else to her, but let her watch out of the garage as usual, at all the cars, and pedestrians, and cyclists, and other Russians going past. I went upstairs, had dinner, and there wasn't too much else to say. However, I did test out my new and exciting microwave, which I will tell you all about in tomorrow's blog post. Bye for now.

- Livi.