We all spent the full day pretty much relaxing and playing about with one another, and teaching Mary to drive in the middle of it. We took her for the first time along the country dirt roads (she didn't complain much since she was keen on driving), teaching her how to stay to one side and not going over into the grass. The DL followed behind, and for a while we all just stopped giving instruction, and letting her drive. Somehow it was the most tranquil moment I've had in a week or two. I wasn't driving, which felt strange, but just watching all the beautiful and distant scenery roll by, the hills, the trees, the town far in the background. I watched the sun peek out from behind a cloud or two, and the leaves tumble along the ground, all the while feeling somewhat strangely soothed by the constant humming of the motor, and the reverberations from the wheels. I almost said to myself I'm glad I don't have to drive, but thought what a silly thought that was to have, and cast aside all penguins. I looked back in the rearview mirror, and the DL seemed to be getting along like a house on fire, which I've always thought was a funny expression, and pretty ominous. But I don't invent these terms. I invent terms like whacking bread, and oven of the future.

After we had all settled down, I flipped Mary's toggle in her engine bay to manual, and we all decided to keep together and go to the Obento Restaurant for dinner, also known as House of Sushi Pizza. I was tempted to get the sushi pizza again, but because I like trying something new, I ordered sushi and raw fish. The D ordered some fried chicken or something, the L ordered a platter of different things. We all talked for a while as the food was being prepared, and Mary seemed quiet outside. I said you know, the M is really getting this driving thing, more quickly than I ever imagined. The D said yeah well I always thought she seemed mechanically-minded. L just laughed. It took him a while to realize what he did, and I said D you've been around me too long. L said I'm going to miss all the leaves on the trees, you know, especially all their autumn color. I said I know, that's what I've been thinking of for a while now too. Then our food arrived, and mine looked pretty amazing I have to say. There were all these little containers of what L said was ginger, and they tasted so amazing I got carried away opening them, and putting them on my food. Some of them were green instead of pink, but I'm always on for trying something new, so I loaded up my next bite with the green stuff, then realized as I ate it. It was wasabi.

- Livi.