I woke up pretty tired today. Not as in beautiful and exhausted, but very exhausted. I know that because I have a mirror beside my bed. After work the DL, myself and La Cucaracha went out, and DLOP taught her some advanced cornering, like 180 degree turns, and how to stop at lines we marked out in the grass, or actually that she had already marked out on her first day of driving. We pretended to be pedestrians, and Mary would slow down when she saw us, and treat us with respect. At least I hope that's what she meant by flashing her lights. Towards the end of the session I was struggling to keep up, I said to L can you repeat that again? about a dozen times, so much that if they were eggs, I would have had a carton. She repeated what I was meant to be doing as a pedestrian, or instructing her, and I said sorry I'm really tired. Once or twice the D had to ask what I was saying, I don't know why, I must have been rambling. L came over to me and said it's ok Livi, we understand, everybody understands you.

But as I got home and started writing this blog, I said to myself, I'm not sure they do. You see, when I was at the instead, there were penguins all that week, penguins penguins everywhere although I didn't say so at the time, not because of immoral penguins, but just the nature of having so many consonants at one instead, we were bound to brush up the wrong way from time to time. The MDLKSP got along well with the OP, but the OP was helped a lot by the P.I., the O.J., and the PBJ. Really, the oven of the future and memories of quantum entanglement helped bring a few lighthearted thoughts, as well as all the littering. The twelfth and fourth are always close to the Sage's twin, and writing now about the redline tangent and unflooglinator wrench, plus memories of Russians with their whacking bread, and froyo lights always brings me joy, but I'm not sure other people reading this could understand them. But that's ok, maybe one day they'll warm to my tales of the transdimensional prison escapees.

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- Helga.