On the ninth of June it is my birthday. I remembered this because Dad called and asked me what I was doing, and if I had any plans. I said not really, and he said well you could come to the city and spend it with us. I said well you could come to the country and spend it with me. We both laughed. Today, I said as I looked out the window, is really pretty nice, the trees still have some of their autumn color, I hope it's like this for my birthday. Dad said well I don't know what it's like down there but it'll be winter, already here the trees are pretty much bare. I said well, I am born in winter, aren't I? He asked what I was doing again, so I said well maybe I'll spend it with the DL, possibly the Clan, not sure yet. He said well, you know the family tradition is we have to sing happy birthday really loud and really out of tune. I said well you can sing it from over there for me, then.

I told him also about how Mary was learning to drive, he seemed a bit surprised, but not too much. I said she had calmed down from how she was at first, like I guess these things come with age, that crazy children calm down, and also parents learn how to handle them. Dad laughed, and I overheard Mom also laugh in the background, and Dad said yes Olivia that's very true. Then we talked a bit about other things, work namely, and how I was going, nothing out of the usual. Dad said Olivia my dear, I'm really sorry but I don't think work is going to let either myself or your mother down for your birthday, it's crazy at the moment. I said that's ok, I understand, I'm far away. He said well we can at least do one thing for you, and that's sing you happy birthday. I said I think the connection is breaking up, I'll talk to you on Sunday. Love you, Dad.

- Livi.