Mary got her wish of going back to the mechanic, although she isn't due for a service until next month I think. It worked out that I was planning on going for a bit of a walk in the reserve nearby, so I said to her, "alright, I can leave you at the mechanic if they'll let me, but I'm not paying for you just to sit around and chat." But she was happy enough with that, and Dylan seemed pretty alright with that too. Drove her right in beside the car he was working on. As I was leaving, Mary was asking him how she could become a mechanic.

But the point of this post is that I went for a walk. Actually it was a fantabulistic day to be out and about, wherever about is. Like there. Still haven't found that place. Anyhow, was walking, as you do in a park, when I noticed how many birds there were. There seemed more than usual, if being here once before is enough to call something usual. One behind me caught my attention as I was walking up, and I noticed this little bird in the hollow of a tree. Just perching there for a minute, before it hopped over further out on the branch to where it had a nest, and I heard, but couldn't quite see, the twitter of little baby birds. And this bird came and fed the birds, I assume, then sat down and stretched its wings out over them, and they all went quiet. I couldn't really see it all, but that's what I think was happening at least. What a tiny little commotion the minute before when they were hungry, and now all fed and watered they were quiet, and the mother bird was watching out over them. It just seemed so wonderful to me, and I went on the rest of my day with a bit of a skip in my step. Although not literally, because I tend to trip over things and that.

- Livi