I'm sure it comes to you as no surprise to say that I like donuts, just like it came as no surprise to Helga that Blue Donut Man also liked donuts. I have had many donuts in my life, most recently from Ayckerie Bakery. But did you no that Mary today had her first donut? Yes, I am telling the very truth. D-man was there with me along with the twelfth letter of the alphabet. And she did not stop at only one donut. Nope, I lost count of how many.

So we drove out towards some fields somewhat near to the instead, the DL drove the D-man's new (old) car, and I of course took Mary out, and we drove out of the main part of town and into some fields between hills. They were mostly grassy, but there was some nice scenery too, trees and hills in the background, the town in the other direction, pretty pretty. The fourth and twelfth letter disembarked, and came over to me and M. I said M, are you ready to drive yet? She said I was born ready. That wasn't technically true since she just had the conversion put in yesterday, but I get her train of thought. I was sitting there in the driver's seat ready to help instruct her, and the D-man was going to come in too, but first he had to flip the switch or something over from the manual override setting. So he flipped it, closed the bonnet, and then Mary felt like donuts.

Grass-and-topsoil donuts, which are not very tasty forms of donuts. So I wrenched up the windows as fast as I could, meanwhile holding on for dear life, and inadvertently trying to turn the steering wheel, which did nothing. I can't remember what I said, but I had definite second thoughts about letting Mary drive. Once she calmed down I said DYLAN, FLIP THE SWITCH TO MANUAL. NOW. And he did. Mary said that was the most fun driving I've ever had. I said good, because

That's All, Folks.

[theme song plays]

- Livi.