Clyde and Becky invited me over to their house today after church, for lunch. I said wow thanks but can you pick me up and drop me off? My car's in for... um, a service. They said yeah oh course no problem, and I spent the day there. Over lunch we were talking about normal things, like work, or rather me looking for work. Becky is in sales for a cleaning company, and Clyde is trying to convince her to change her name to Bonnie. Not really, but they are a very sweet couple. I was saying how I liked the songs we sung that morning, especially Rock of Ages, which I often think of when I feel like I need somewhere to hide. God is always our strong fortress to run to, and I'm always glad for that. But during lunch I needed to use the restroom, so I said so, and they said sure just down the left corridor, and it's on the right.

Well, I was singing to myself the words of the song, when I stumbled into the most glorious and wonderful room. It was clearly in renovation because the wallpaper was being taken off, but I thought it was kind of a shame since it was so amazing. The wallpaper was blue with these uneven white polka dots, and with the lights off, but the sun still half coming in through the window, I felt like I was in outer space. If space was blue. I looked around myself, and there were all these little stars, different sizes and shapes, but I suddenly felt like I was in that song, "when I fly to worlds unknown," and I just looked around for a bit. It was wonderful, and I stayed there until I guess some time later when Becky came looking for me, and said oh did you find the restroom alright? I said the restroom oh yeah. Where is it again? And she showed me to it.

But that room was so wonderful. I hope they don't take the wallpaper down. Sometimes it's these little things in the routine of life that remind you of the things that are bigger than life.

- Livi.