Happy birthday to Mary! You're yellow, like a canary! You're energetic like a Russian, and now you get, um... a driving fairy.

Mary said what's a driving fairy? I said I have no idea, but that's the only world I could think of that rhymes with Mary and canary. She said do you mean a driving instructor? I said Mary, I do. She said who? I said me, probably. She said oh no.

And then the La Cucaracha sounded loud and clear across Sparrow Falls, Russia, and probably even Australia and the North Pole. I said Mary, are you happy? She said this is the happiest day of my life. I said I'm glad to hear. The D-man agreed to help change your transflooglifier or whatever over so you can drive. Mary said I think you mean a transmooglifier. I said whatever it is, you're getting it. She said Livi thank you thank you so much I am looking forward to driving. I said but on one condition Mary, that you respect the road rules and drivers. She said ok Livi. I said well then, if you want I can drive you down to the DL, because he'll be doing it at home, and L's there with him at the moment. They're just waiting for my call.

She flashed her highbeams all the way down the road, and I had to tell her off quite a few times, but I get it. I was excited too when I first got to try things reserved for adults, like Dad's pneumatic jackhammer. Mom, you were always wondering why the mailbox leaned to one side. Now you know.

When we arrived at the D's, there were all these bits lying around, and L had an envelope on the table, addressed to Mary. I said now L, how do you suppose Mary will open this? So I took it and opened it, and then realized it was actually to me, from Mary. It read,

Dear Livi, I just wanted to write and tell you how much I'm looking forward to driving. Thank you for letting me drive, and for always being my good friend. I promise I won't honk at gooses now or ever. Maybe ducks though. - Mary

Now I'm pretty sure L wrote it on her behalf, but I won't be a grumpy professor about it. That was pretty sweet of her.

But now that I think of it, how did she know to write the card? I only just told her about this.

- Livi.