I called the D-man today. No reason, just felt like calling him. Said hi D-man, how are your projects going? He said well, the hyperfluxinator was connecting good to the disfloogining beam. I said that's good. How about your projects that aren't going? How are they? He said oh well you mean the project for Mary? Yeah, well I've got it pretty much mapped out in my mind if not on paper, think it would still be pretty cool, but anyway sorry to talk about it. I said no it's all good, just wondering, theoretically, you know, how long it would take. I mean I don't have a job, but I still have to drive. Theoretically. He said well probably a day and a half, maybe two days. If on the weekend, then he could work on it in his spare time, and he always likes talking to Mary about car things. I said well maybe the weekend is best then. But then L would have to pick me up for church. Theoretically. He said yeah, in theory it should all be fine, I mean me and Elle have time to pick you up, I've pretty much got all the parts too. I said, and you know, pretending you were working on this project, do you see any major hiccups in the design, or flaws? He said nah not really, just the driver, Mary I mean, might take a while to get used to it. But it's really no more complicated than an inverse transducifier hypergrind. I said oh well thank goodness for that, imagine if it was more complicated. He said yeah well the good old hypergrind is pretty standard conversion you know, these days at least, so we all have to be capable at it. I said ah yep makes sense.

I said D-man, supposing the conversion took place, how would you, theoretically, train Mary to drive? I mean she's energetic. D-man said that first he'd, or we'd take her out to a large field and teach her the basics of acceleration and turning and braking. Probably the instead area would be good. Then we'd move onto cornering, traffic, and so on. I said you really think it would be that easy? He said well maybe not easy, learning to drive is never easy, but you get the hang of it. Like riding a bike. True, I said, I guess you never forget how to ride a bike. Unless you have amnesia or something. Well, I said, thanks for the call, D-man, or rather thanks me for calling you, so maybe you should thank me... never mind, this is getting awkward. Until next time, Dylanator! And then I hung up.

Well, the plot was getting a bit froyo. I needed to thaw things out. So I went home to my oven of the future.

- Livi.