Today was definitely a bit of a penguin day. I'm ashamed to write it now, but at the time I was getting pretty frustrated with job hunting and basically not learning patience at all in any way whatsoever. Which was a shame. I was also annoyed at myself, or maybe Mary, or maybe feeling annoyed at Mary that I was feeling guilty that Mary was feeling sad. So I told myself, as always, not to think of penguins.

Not that I think I'm not where I'm meant to be. I mean it was nothing of my own doing that brought me here, so I just have to trust. Trust, work, and wait. Not paid work, but you get what I mean. I put on some CDs today as I was putting together a PBJ and OJ, and I sat on the sofa for a while and just listened to the music. I also watched the last of the autumn leaves disappear outside, it seems most of the trees are pretty bare now, which always makes me sad in a strange way. They're just not very nice without leaves, they're like upside-down broomsticks, and that reminds me of cleaning.

I was walking down the street today, I just felt like a good old walk instead of a drive, when lo and behold a stranger stopped me on my walk. He didn't have a sudden urge to invite me over for dinner, so I said hello how are you? And he said oh hi there I'm a friend of Susan's, thought I recognized you. I said oh hi there pleased to meet you too, although unfortunately I don't recognize you. He said no I'm on a travelling kind of business, but I stop by home sometimes, and say hi to Susan and all. I said well, are you staying here in Sparrow Falls for long? He said until Monday, by which time he would be driving out and then flying out again. I said good for you, not the kind of business I could have. He said he likes to travel, so it works for him. As we said our goodbyes and parted ways, he said by the way driving is really good for you.

That hit me right in the penguins. And the penguins hurt.

- Livi.