PAIGE 124 - O.P.


The meeting today was very casual. Actually it was so laid back I nearly slid off my chair. There were four other contenders aside from me, and they had us all write our initials on the tags they gave us to wear. Then they told us to go introduce ourselves to one another over coffee. I said hi, I'm OP. The man said hey guys, this girl's OP! and they all laughed. I said so what? They said that means overpowered in gamer speak. I said oh. Then what's your name? He said Kristian Olef. I said well if I'm O.P., you're K.O. And the manager laughed. Helga wins point.

The manager said next ok everybody have a seat. So I sat down. He said now we'll ask you about some of the games that are most popular in our store, mostly retro. I said to myself aha now I've got them, all my memories of games are retro, or rooftop. You go, Helga. They asked the girl beside me, so what is the favorite fruit of Polar Melon Bear? She said well polar melons of course. I thought to myself oh so these are trick questions, the answer's in the name! Then they asked Kristian, did you ever play the Hyperdriftmonkeys Space Exploration game? He said oh yes, and then proceeded on to talk about how he explored space, and how there were hyperdriftmonkeys. You see, the answer was in the question. Then they asked me, so, Miss Paige, do you remember who is best friend to Blue Donut Man? I said aha now that's a trick question like these other ones! You see, Blue Donut Man has no friends because all he does is eats donuts. Actually the donuts are filled with blueberries, that's what makes them blue. And he's also blue because he eats them all the time. I have a friend like that named L, who's the fourth letter of the alphabet, actually I think all she does is eat blueberries too, probably that's why she was single so long. But now she's all happily engaged to the D-man. Not Donut Man, I mean I can't divulge his actual identity as it's a secret, and if I told you I'd have to kill you since he's part of the CIA and the CIA is full of people who kill people. Umm my l-legs are s-shaking wwhat did you p-p-put in this coffee?

The manager said it was a double shot. Boss makes sudden special attack! GAME OVER.

- Helga.