I hit the bull's eye today! I apologized to him afterwards, but he's pretty used to it. I rang this game type novelty store which I knew nothing about, and THEY SAID THEY WERE HIRING! Aha! Yes! Well, I'm relieved to tell the truth, because even more they told me to come into their interviewing session tomorrow, they said it would be pretty casual and all, just to see if I might be a good fit for the game store. So I said to myself, Helga get ready, this is level two.

Today I spent remembering everything about video games. When I was five (it was a memorable year) my Dad bought me this meal pack thing from a fast food joint, and in the box it came with a toy, which was actually a cheap LCD screen type game. Now I remember it was blue, and that you had to press three buttons to keep the fighter jet from crashing into alien spaceships. I remembered what shape the plane was, which was a fighter jet plane shape, and I even remembered that the alien ships reminded me of the shape of Mom's tiramisu. She only let me have that once, though, it had too much coffee in it, besides other things. By "let me have" I mean she didn't say no, because it was half eaten before she brought it up in conversation. By once, I mean approximately, of course.

When I was eight we went to an arcade store, and I had in my pocket counterfeit coins. I mean, bottle caps of a certain diameter I had taken a sledgehammer to. And there was this one particular one-dollar-per-play arcade game called DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE. I always thought DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE was catchier, but I wasn't the CEO of an arcade company. And I spent most of my time perfecting moves, my specialty move called The Invisible to Parents Waltz, and I was able to play ten games on my three dollar allowance, which I thought was pretty impressive. All the way back home my Dad wanted to talk about the virtue of hard work and honesty in trade.

When I was twelve, I discovered that the roof had the same angle as a pinball machine, more or less, and that between the chimney, aerial antennae, and air con box it resembled the playing field of one more or less too. I remember my parents saying that summer they had terrible TV reception.

Also, I remember that I own a refurbished prisoner suit, and that I have disqualificated over five games in the Triathlon, and even added one of my own. So that's something too.

- Livi.