I made another few calls today, most to some random stores I know nothing about, just to see if they might have any opportunities available, but they didn't unfortunately. You know, all dead-ends aside, I'm always surprised and grateful to see how I'm always taken care of. I never lack food or clothes, it's amazing how I still sometimes don't trust and try to work things out on my own, despite the fact that I have the wage still coming in. That is an incredible blessing. Otherwise I don't know how I would have survived this long. Also I'm grateful for my friends here, and the scenery, and the quiet. It's a nice town.

I have DL a call, just to catch up at the start of the week, since we didn't catch up much on Sunday. I rang the D first during his lunchbreak (I know these things) and said hi D how's the lunchbreak going? He said he was enjoying his chicken sandwich. I said that sounds tasty. He said it was. I said any interesting projects? He said he was still working on that old car, and told me a bit about the problems with the defrubbrinator, and also the welding bippinbop of Bippinbop Industries. I said that sounds complex. He said well I'm glad you understand, the other guys here think it's just a normal resto, but you have to get the right parts for the job, these old cars don't often fit new sprockets. I said yep definitely you need original sprockets. Those other guys don't know what they're talking about.

After the conversation died down a little I said hey D, you know I've been thinking, well actually I haven't really had a choice since Mary or other people seem to kind of keep reminding me of it somehow. You know how you mentioned Mary driving, and how you had that idea for the conversion? I'm not actually considering it, just thought I'd ask to see what kind of progress you made on it, and how expensive it would be? Also, just theoretically, you know, how safe do you think she'd be on the roads? D said well it's all pretty solid in my mind (and I thought wow if it's solid in your mind, it's basically gravity) and I'm still working out some of the kinks, but basically all it involves is a transmogrification of the spin inducer, 3/4 tread relocation on the correcto bar over the spindrive link, threading through a co-axial aperture thrust chain on the redline tangent, and then just joining it all together with a threadlock connector from Flopsy Parts Incorporated. I said wow is that all? He said yep that's all, and then Mary can drive. So I said now onto the second question, like you know Mary, sometimes I'm tempted to think better than I do, how well do you think she'd actually do on the roads? He said well like all drivers we'd have to get her to learn driving first, like on the open fields, so I'd have a manual override switch in the engine bay, so she'd only be able to drive herself in a safe place. I said huh. Well that's interesting. I mean purely theoretically interesting, I don't plan to of course let Mary actually drive, although I'm not being mean or selfish or anything, just I think it's for the best. He said oh well, let me know if you change your mind. Thanks for the call. I said no problem, might catch the twelfth letter now, think she's on break. He said oh cool, talk to you soon. So then I called L.

We had a good chat about nothing in particular for half an hour, can't really remember all the details because I was wondering what a redline tangent was. I said L, what's a redline tangent (that wasn't actually what it was called). She said oh yes, the redline tangent, Dylan tells me all about those. They're the part that goes from the navigation system to the correcto bar. Pretty cheap and easy to install. I said oh right of course I just forgot. And how is your job going? Oh it's all right, we're making sales, so I'm safe with the magazines for now. And so we talked about some things, then we both went back to work. Well, she went to work work, I went to looking-for-work work. Still hoping to get fired.

- Livi.