I know Mom and Dad don't actually live in London, I just always have that in my head when they ring, guess because it's a big city. I talked to Mom and Dad for quite a long time today, just felt like we had so many things to chat about. Dad's work busy as always, Mom busy with work and home, and they're both busy, really. I said well I'm really settled into Sparrow Falls now, I'm officially a Sparrow. Or a Fall. More likely a fall. They said well some day we'll have to make our way down and come join you on a holiday. I said that would be the best, I guess for Christmas I'll make my way back though, probably only for a day or two, though I don't know what my work will look like at that time. They said oh how are you going looking for work by the way? Any luck? I said well yes I've seen a few bosses, but nothing seems to be coming my way so far. Dad started talking about this amazing roast Mom made and didn't I miss Mom's roast dinners (yes, I do)? He said well you can always move back you know, roast dinners every Sunday. I said tempting but no Sparrow Falls is my home sorry Dad. You and Mom should move out here. We all laughed. Mom said Livi how is your cooking going? I kind of choked on air, or maybe coughed, I don't know. I said, GOOD. Then my conscience told me not to lie. She said what have you been cooking lately? Lasagne? I laughed. I said Mom you're telepathic, actually I cooked the best lasagne yesterday I have ever had. She said what did you put in it? I whipped out the packet from the bin, and read the label. "A hearty layered bake of authentic Italian pasta, onion, tomato, and lashings of cheese." I said oh you know, the standard pasta, onion, tomato, and lashings of cheese. Dad said he was very proud of me, and that he'd be interested in trying some of my lasagne when I came over for Christmas. I choked again on air. Air is particularly thick sometimes. He also said that I should share my cooking with others. I said there's not really anyone else apart from me I know of who likes lasagne.

I said so Dad what else have you and Mom been getting up to apart from work? Hope you've taken some time off for yourselves. They said they hadn't, but weekends were sometimes quiet, and then they went for a long scenic drive together. I said oh yes, the drives are much more scenic down here though, you better believe! There aren't so many towers and aerials, have you seen some of the pictures I've sent? They said they had, and that it was good that I could drive. I said well true, glad I've been able to drive for years now. Mom said she always feels sorry for old ladies and other people who couldn't drive. I said uh yeah, that's true, poor old ladies.

Then we hung up, and that was pretty much the end of my day. I went down to the garage to talk to Mary. I said in an upbat voice, hey Mary what's happening? She said oh you know not much, and didn't really talk much. So I just sat there watching the fairy lights and traffic go by, and tried to raise some conversation, but she obviously wasn't in much of a talking mood. I said aren't you glad you can see all the traffic now go by? I'm glad I can trust you to leave the roller door up, and let me know if anyone comes. She said oh. I guess I'm glad you trust me then, Livi.

Ahh. Um Mary, look how nice the fairy lights are at this time of night! Oh yes, they're very nice Livi. And look at the sunset! Isn't that pretty? Oh yes, very nice Livi. Um, yeah well I'll just go upstairs YAWN I think it's time for both of us to go to bed, don't you? Ok, Livi. So I said goodnight, turned off the lights and pressed the garage door roller button, and went up to sleep. But I couldn't help feeling a little sad maybe for her.

- Livi.