After work today we held a sudden game night. I'm not sure who organized it, but we got a pretty good gathering anyway, mostly Clan Routine Poutine plus a few other strangers, friends mostly of the Clan, including Pita from the instead. We played a good few different games, had some pizza and sodas too. Pita was telling me about how her younger brother was just starting to learn to drive, and how good it was for him, teaching him responsibility and independence. She said he's enjoying it, and it's been a good learning experience for him too. I said oh ok fair enough, and went back to the game. I refilled my soda glass and said to Susan, how's everything going with your work, S? Susan said oh pretty good, it's still warm enough for swimming to be popular. Although her main source of income is teaching her regular students, when the casual crowd comes, often she gets a job or two extra that week. She said the kids mainly keep her work afloat, and those who work with her. She said that yeah, she enjoys teaching swimming to kids. It's a bit like learning to drive the first time, that the water and how to steer your body takes a bit of getting used to, but everything comes with practice. She said that some mothers are afraid to let their children 'off the leash,' so to speak, because of the possible dangers and so on, but that it's in fact really good for both the kid and the parent, both learn. The kid learns to be a good swimmer, and the mother learns what her kid is capable of, and both are happy. I said uh, yeah, interesting story, I need a drink.

Actually I needed two drinks, so I didn't have to shake anyone's hand and could ignore them, drinking lemonade in one hand, and cola out of the other. Pita said to me, Livi are you alright? I said yeah I'm just very thirsty, feel free to ignore me and go greet those other people who are coming in the door. So she did, and some new faces came in. Well, they were new to me. I'm sure they didn't get new faces just to join our board game night, that would be both disturbing and expensive. Besides, Hollywood is too far from here. One of them said to me, oh hey you must be Olivia Paige, I've heard many good things about you. Pleased to meet you. I said oh pleased to meet you too, and looked down at my drinks to realize I had finished them both, and Pita was coming around with the bin. He said, so who's winning the board game night? I said no idea, but sure isn't me. He said oh not a big fan of board games? I said no, just not my night tonight. Kingsley keeps penalizing me for trying to move the rook three squares ahead. He said what version of the game were you playing? I said can't remember, think it was The Wold version of Monopoly. He said well I'm a big fan of board games myself, I'm looking forward to tonight. Do you have many hobbies, Miss Paige? I said oh yeah, walking, microwaving, inventing sports. He said what about driving? I said excuse me I need the bathroom.

I turned on the tap to make it sound like I was washing my face or something, then proceeded to stare at the wall for fifteen minutes. It was a very interesting wall, one of the most interesting walls I've seen. It had that kind of yellow-beige color mine did (definitely not Short Nap) and with some fine cracking, like veins running up and down the wall, but the best part of it was that there were no cobwebs, and thus no danger of anyone being suddenly incorporated into the transdimensional spacetime. I breathed a sigh of relief. Then there came a knock at the door. Cassie said Livi are you right in there? I said just washing off my face. She said are you sure? The tap's been running for a while. I said well it takes a while to wash off my face, it's been attached to me for a pretty long time.

I eventually came out with a very clean face, probably the cleanest face I've ever had. Kingsley and Cassie were sitting down, as well as Erik, the last member of Clan Routine Poutine. They were playing a game that (apparently) simulates your journey through life. They said Livi sit down and join us. I said oh ok this sounds interesting. How do you play? They said well first pick a character. So I picked a character. They said, and now, you pick a car...

- Livi.