Just a quiet day today. Work wasn't too busy, guess Tuesday isn't a busy shopping day? Came home, relaxed. Been very cold, keeping up the fluids (yes Mom) with a warm mug as I'm typing. Seems to always warm you from the inside, which feels great. Summer now, but we've had a few cold spells so far in the time I've been at the Falls.

Mary isn't due for a service for another month or so, but every day since she had that engine problem she keeps talking about wanting to go back. I said to her, "it's like the doctor's, you only go when you're sick." If she was a dog, she'd be the kind of dog that is wagging her tail all the way to the vet. Tried to pop down a few times during the evening and talk with her, guess I would get lonely too if I was stuck in the same room for so long? Have been thinking about leaving the garage door open, but don't really feel safe with that. Maybe if Mary had one of those guns pop up from the hood like they do in the movies, but I doubt that's legal.

Typing here at my laptop, still thinking about the new year if I'm to be honest. I'm too much of a worrier. Thank God, have made progress in leaps and bounds (also hops and jumps) over the couple last years, I think. "Don't be anxious for anything." And I mean, what reason do I have to worry? God has always taken care of me. And will. What reason do I have to be anxious about anything?

So here I am, typing as fast as I can (to keep the fingers warm), sipping hot drinks, and feeling really at peace. Sparrow Falls has been good to me over the last week and a bit, what reason do I have to suspect it won't be in the future? My peace I give, peace, peace, peace. I'm still cold, so still drinking and typing like mad, planning to go to bed soon with LOTS of blankets, and also sheets, because just blankets makes you sweat. Been a quiet sort of week so far, which is nice, will see what tomorrow will bring. Ok, I think that's all for the post, going to finish up now and wash the dishes before bed.

Oh my gosh. I just drank a whole jug of coffee.

12 AM

I can'tt take the camera off vibratte moddddeee. Doees anyone know how to take it off? I mean I never put it on vibratate movveede.. Why do cameras evene hav e vibrate modes? Who wants a shaky picture not me not me not tomorrow if I take pictures I need it not on vibrate mode. Ah ohh well I'm going to sleep again.

2:23 AM

Who put the rroroom on vibbrate mode? Bed o vibrate mode. Desk on vibrate mode. Rice cooker onnn vibbrate mooodde. To vibrate rrice???

3:48 AM

I am peeerrfectly calm, but for some rrreason I can't slssleeep. Peeeacce. Tranquillillity. Ah no what was that a knock at the door oh no it wasss just a cat oorrr sometthing i'm sure Of itt. Braanches scraping agaianst the house, the walls. Ahhh lights outtside! Who is that ah its justt the neighbors. Yes I'm going to sleep.

4:22 AM

Can't sleep.

5:48 AM

Still weird sounds from outside. Not that I'm scared or anything, just an observation. Bed not comfortable. Went downstairs with a blanket into the garage, told Mary, "I'm going to sleep on the back seats." "Ok Livi, I'll turn on the heater for you. Why are you shaking?" "I'm jjussst coold. Would you llock the dooors?"

Thanks Mary, you're a friend.

- LllLivvvvi.