Hello, world! This is Mary. As you know, Livi won't let me drive. I don't know why. She and I get along pretty well, but she's also kinda mean sometimes. I mean, she won't let me on the rollercoaster rides. She won't let me share her lasagne. She won't even let me come inside the house. But it's okay, I know she's a bit special.

Sorry to all of you people who wanted to read Livi's blog post today before I changed it. I forgot to save it on purpose. Dear people, I want to drive. Livi can drive. Elle can drive. The man Dylan who is a genius can drive. Why can't I drive? So I'm asking you today to help me drive. I think it will be fun. Driving is fun, people say. Yes, everybody who reads this blog, I think only Livi's friends and family, you've got to help me change Livi's mind, since I can't do it on my own. When you see her, you have to tell her about Mary and how cool she is, because Mary is cool. You have to tell Livi about how everyone can drive, and it's not fair to tell one person they can't drive just because someone doesn't want them to. You have to look like you're sad. I have a very good sad face, and also a very good happy face, but Livi doesn't like my sad face much. She says it looks like my happy face, which I think is mean.

Dear Grandma and Grandpa, I know Livi said you're 300 miles away, but can you bring me lasagne? Livi keeps making it, and it smells good. I don't know what it tastes like, but she tells me it tastes good. Also can you check if Livi is okay? She keeps asking me about quantum entanglement, and I don't know what that is. I think she needs help.

When I drive, I want to go on a big long trip around Sparrow Falls, and honk at all the geese. They honk at me, so I don't know why Livi says it's not fair that I honk at them. If I can drive, then Livi doesn't have to be bothered about my honking. I also want more tunes than La Cucaracha and I Want to Wish You a Mary Christmas. Grandma and Grandpa, when Livi calls on Sunday can you please ask her if Mary is ok, and say you're very worried about her. Also tell Livi that lasagne is good, and sharing is caring.

Thank you people!

- Mary.