I went around to a few of the places today I had circled, or rather re-circled in the thin new book. The Bakery was one of the places on my hit-list. I said this to Mary, and she told me I was an assassin. But I'm just a normal country girl. I promise. As we drove up, Mary started talking about how nice it must be to drive, and did I enjoy the scenery, and driving where I liked to? I said yes it is a lovely day isn't it? It's good we can go on a drive together, now the bakery isn't too far, wonder if she remembers me or not. I also wonder what they have fresh in store.

So I pulled up to the Bakery and went in and said hi are you the manager? She was, the same person I had met before. I said just wondering, do you perhaps have any positions available in the Ayckerie Bakery? She said do you have experience? I said lots of experience. She said that's good, because we're looking for someone experienced in raising dough at the moment. I said well if it's not too heavy I can lift it over my head. I mean I can stock things though. And also microwave pretty much anything. She said come again? So I said thanks, maybe next week when I'm out of bread. Then I left, but not without first buying some. I was tempted to buy whacking bread, but really I have no use for it, and the temptation to misuse it would be too much. So I got some bread shaped bread, and also a donut.

The next place we were off to was another small family run store. They call it Another Small Family Run Store. By they I mean me. It seemed similar to the convenience store from the listing in the new thin book, but I couldn't be sure, it was under the convenience listing, but I had forgot what it was actually called. I said Mary do you remember where I said we were going to? She said I didn't tell her. So I said fair enough, and we kept driving. When we arrived, it was a small Asian grocery store, and I went in, and said hi just wondering if you have any positions available? She said not at the moment, and as I was looking around I realized, that although I've cooked with some pretty exotic ingredients before, such as oxyacetylene, I hadn't the slightest clue of what some of the packages said. So I thought, well maybe that's for the best. I could always invent something though. There was one box where the mascot was a black pointy hat woman at the beach. I mean, that product was pretty obviously a sandwich. But I didn't know about the rest.

Well, another two managers down today on my hit-list. I've marked out the rest to go in my personal book.

- Livi.