Back into the rhythms of things again here. Wake up, get dressed, go to work, come home. But it's not always drudgery. I mean, you can take interest in the small things. Like really small things. Quite insignificant, really.

Take the example of a certain person I know who stocks shelves. Today this someone, who wishes to remain anonymous, was placing egg cartons on the shelves. This person, who had recently a quite unfortunate occurrence regarding said items and a microwave, asked the shopkeeper whether he knew of any surefire ways to boil eggs in a microwave. This person, of course, ws merely asking for a friend of hers. Or his. Like I said, this person wishes to remain anonymous. Anyhow, the shopkeeper gently replied that eggs are unsafe to be microwaved due to their outer coating called a shell, which has an unfortunate tendency to not let air through. This person said ah. This person said also that her (or his) friend's new flat was also in need of deodorizing, and would you suggest any particular product for removing odor from walls. And floorboards. And pantry-cupboards. He suggested something called Odor-Be-Gone (TM) which cost 3.99, and came in a blue bottle. She said thank you, and bought the product. A friend of a friend sent me this picture, says it works wonders:

Now my home is feeling a bit more like home, and I can sit down in the evenings to relax a bit more now that I'm unpacked. Bought fairy lights for the garage today too, Mary thinks its wonderful. The downside is when I wake up she asks me what presents she's getting.

I'd like to do a bit more exploring about the town, probably when the weekend comes, or if I get invited out to someone's place again. I barely know the city, but am getting to know it more every day. Apparently a good few restaurants too, and of course fast-food places, but they're pretty hit-and-miss in general. Some of them literally. When I was in grade-school we went to a restaurant where they gave you bowls, and then the chefs threw your meals at you. I chose spaghetti napolitana. I remember we were playing Cluedo later that evening, everybody decided I was the one.

I like spaghetti napolitana. I wonder if I can cook it in the microwave.

- Livi