I think I'm learning patience. Am I learning patience? How do you know if you're learning patience? I'm impatient to learn if I'm learning patience.

Looking for work is a difficult thing. It really is like a whole job in itself, just it doesn't get paid, and when you get terminated, you get a job. But apart from that it's like any work-at-home career, I guess. I went through the new thin book with a BLACK MARKER that bled through all the pages and so I did not miss the things I circled. However the numbers on the other side of the page I'll never be able to call. Mary went for a drive, or rather I took her for a drive through the town, really just to get out since I got a bit sick of calling around, and I wanted some corners for a change. We pulled up to the first intersection and turned left, and I saw the remainders of autumn leaves littering the streets, and watched in my rearview mirror as they sped away, and curled up in the traffic, in the air. I'm grateful for Sparrow Falls, you know what, even if it's not so nice as the country country, I mean seeing all the trees and the parks and not having concrete where the sky is meant to be is always nice. Sorry Mom and Dad, I'm not moving back. Yep, Sparrow Falls is home.

I said to Mary today as we were on the drive, what do you like most about driving? She said watching the other cars, and pretending to race them. She said she gets annoyed at my driving quite often, she thinks I'm secretly a grandma. I think she's secretly a three-year-olf hyped up on red cordial. Or maybe that's not a secret. We drove back to the garage and parked, and I left the door open as usual now, she's grateful for that. She hasn't honked once, Sparrow Falls, I keep telling myself, is much different than where I grew up. I sometimes wonder how often she flashes her lights at passersby, we'll never know.

I actually got a call through after lunch to a manager in one of the department stores. He sounded like he probably had a hundred of the job seeker type calls, but said he'd take my resume possibly. I thought to myself well that's good enough, I mean that's something, that's a start. So I said thank you and hung up my washing to dry. After it was dry, I took it back in, then made dinner. Tomorrow I'll go and meet the manager.

- Livi.