Yep, back to the whole artist thing with canvases, it's what you have to do to get a job. Today I went through the business directory, you know that big old book that's not big or old, and has yellow pages? Well, I went through it and highlighted all the places I thought would be useful to call or else hunt down. More call. For the hunt down part I call a P.I., and that's expensive. Firstly I went through the grocery department. I went through and highlighted all the grocery department stores in the grocery department. Or maybe I should call the book bit "grocery section," that would make more sense. Second, I went through and highlighted all store type things, like Ayckerie Bakery, where I might have a hope of being a cashier. Third, I went through and highlighted all the places that I thought would not need experience, so I could get in easily. Like the bank, for instance. I mean everything nowadays is done on the computer, so the fairies do all the heavy lifting, you just sit there and look mathematical. I also circled The Farmers' Association, I mean I've seen sowing, all you is chuck a bunch of seed around, I did that with flower petals when I was ten. So I went through this big old book that is neither big nor old, and circled or highlighted all the yellow pages I thought was interesting, and then closed up the book and went and had lunch. I said to Mary, well, I'm on track to finding a new goal, I've narrowed it down to all the places that are possible. She said that's good, what places are you applying for? I said department stores, bakeries, farms, banks. You know, all entry roles. I then went up to my new future oven (it still feels new) and took out a lasagne stored behind my shoe-phone, and looked at the clock. It was 12:34. I nuked the lasagne for 5:67. Then I ate it. It tasted like lasagne.

I went back to my new thin book, and started flipping it open to the sections I went through. I must have flicked to the wrong page, because I didn't see anything at first. So I flicked over the page, and then another and another, and yet alas there were no highlights nor circles of highlights there. I said to myself did I forget this section? So I looked at the banking section, and found the one local bank in the Falls, and it was not highlighted. Neither was the Farmers' Association, nor the bakery. I called down to Mary, have you opened up the spacetime vortex again? She said what? I said have you placed an order for quantum fugue? Because it's arrived. She said is that a kind of pastry? I'm hungry. It smells good. I said no that's lasagne, quantum fugue smells like disaster. She said well can I have some of your lasagne then?

I paced around for a bit, deciding whether Time Girl should make an abrupt break from retirement. I thought hmm, well maybe Mark, seeing as he's inexperienced with transdimensional beings, should be shown the ropes a bit. But then I decided not to. You see, I had a look at my stationery.

My highlighter is yellow.

- Livi.