It was good to have my own complex again. I felt weird not having a complex. L, why are you laughing?

Today was church, and as I was saying about leaving the autumn leaves yesterday and feeling sad, suddenly that feeling of almost loss (it's weird to say but you know what I mean) changed to something more like hope. You see, there's this window up at the top corner of the spire, just below the roof arch bit where... uh, the roof arches, and it's got this bit arch window where the window... well, you get the point. At one point during the sermon when he was talking about hope, there came a little flicker of light from the pane, just as the sun streamed in like something that streams. Rivers, probably. And all the thought of that autumn instead kind of faded away. Well, more like flickered away, because it was only a split second thing. I saw the flicker of light and I thought, you know, at the end of the day, there's a better home instead.

Flicker of light, end of the day
summer will dance inside my veins
summer will dance inside my veins
The leaves come down
my home calls out
the hills I love to roam
and can it be on some distant sea
we'll dance and dance again

- and Didn't Know It.