Well, today was our last day. Farewell, instead! You have been a good temporary home. We started packing up even before the morning was really half over, because well apart from the packing up we had to do, we also had to clean the instead, so Sauntie could rent to the next people without having to clean up after us. So there I was packing up my thingumbobs and talking to L. I said L, I know you've always lived in the Falls, but have you ever moved? I know you live with your Mom and Dad, but have they ever moved? Just wondering. She said oh yes, they have a few times, actually twice. I'm not sure if twice is a few, I thought that was a couple, but anyway. She said they used to live further North, but moved closer to the town centre because that's where her Dad's work was. I said ah. Did he also work at the printing people? She said yes, he did, and that's how she got her job. She said again how she's hoping a new position for receptionist will open up at Sparrow Auto, publishing slash distributing is not her thing. I said hmm well I know nothing about printing slash distributing, but if you get the receptionist job, can I take yours? She said I can sure try.

On second thought, what if that actually happens and they hire me? They'll ask something like L usually talks about, should we use 8gsm and 300dpi, or 250? I'll think to myself, now what is gsm and dpi? Probably Great Sheets of Magazines, and Dangerous Printing Injuries, that's the only logical thing I can think of, since it's all about printing. So I'd say, I think 8dpi sounds alright, but you might want to try to get the dpi down to 0. Then they'll all thank me profusely, weeping tears of gratitude, and the next day I'd receive an envelope promoting me to CEO.

It all seems so easy on paper. I said well L, it's been a good time here. I completed my method of packing, and went downstairs with the first suitcase all full of perfectly pressed clothes. Susan passed by and asked, so how did you enjoy your time here? I said Susan, thank you for inviting me to the instead, it has been full of mystery, microwaves, and maple leaves. She said glad you liked it, maybe next year come again? I said for sure. But in the meantime maybe we could catch up again, I mean Clan Routine Poutine, myself (and Mary), and the DL? She said yeah that sounds good. Hooray for team planning! I should be an organizer next year in the Triathlon.

It's strange, you know, as we drove back I couldn't help but feel a strange sense of going away from autumn. I said to Mary, did you like the leaf colors? She said she did, but not so much as driving through them. She said that was her highlight. I smiled, and said to her, I'm actually going to miss all the trees. I mean I know we have plenty in the country, but there's not so nearly as much as out here, where they litter to their hearts' content. It reminds me of a stained glass window, or something, I think, all the bright colors mismatching yet somehow matching, and all those black twigs are like the metal they put between the glass. Maybe I'm just thinking of this all because it's church tomorrow, I don't know. One thing I know is that I'm grateful for creation. I mean it's so beautiful. It does make me sad when I think that not everyone thinks of it as creation. But it's such a creation, such a painting like I could never do. I mean me and Pollock are pretty on par I think, but I've got a while to go before Michaelangelo.

Well, there you have it: instead of autumn, fall leaves.

- Livi.