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I sat down at the breakfast table with LSK and we had rice puffs. I said did you no that when you cook rice on the popcorn setting, you get puffed rice? Kingsley said his favorite way to have a bowl of puffed rice was with raisins and a sprinkle of cinnamon, and of course milk. Now I should mention here due to the plethora of goats, the milk we had was goats' milk. It does have a pretty weird taste if you're not used to it, which I wasn't, but I scarfed it down and didn't kid around, I was hungry. Susan seemed pretty used to it, I guess this is Sauntie's instead after all. I said Susan how does Sauntie take care of her kids? Do you just let them roam about all day? She said pretty much. I said hm, guess kids aren't that hard after all. Kingsley asked do you make cheese? Susan said not anymore, it was too much hard work for Sauntie. They didn't recognize her trouble in saying that, but I think I did. So I changed the topic to cars. I said Kingsley what kind of car do you have? He said a Bentley. I said wow. He said it's made from parts of different cars, actually the D helped me build lots of it. I said I didn't know that, are you two close friends? He said well sort of, D's pretty private. L said yes you two are very good friends. K said well I guess that's true. I said do you drive it slow or fast? He said slow. I said so you drive it as gently as a Bentley? All the eyes at the table rolled 360 degrees. I have superpowers.

Later on, about eleventeen o'clock, we were about to pull out a game, or actually the L was about to pull out a game, so she went to pull it out, but it had disappeared into the fabric of spacetime. I said oh no, where was it last? She said here. I said hmm well actually on second thought it can't be related to the spacetime since that's resolved. There is only one person who is able to track down this missing game. She said oh, who? I said come with me. So I took her to the second storey and went to the wardrobe. I said now behold! as I will turn into - and I ducked into the cupboard and shut the door. As I scrambled about, L said Livi what are you doing? I said have no fear, this is a job for... L said for? I said now behold the person you seek- and here I went to open the wardrobe, but I couldn't. I tried pushing and pulling, but without any luck. L said the person I seek...? I said um well it's someone stuck in a wardrobe.

- Livi.