I was sitting there in my room with the twelfth letter of the alphabet when I saw that she was kind of sad. I said L what is it? And she kind of shyly smiled and said that she missed Dylan. I said awwwww. Yes, the D has gone back to the land of non-talking cars. I said I'll fetch you the Mary. You'll never be able to end the conversation. So I hopped outside and drove Mary up to the building, then called L, and put her on loudspeaker. Then I went to the goats.

Goats are interesting things. They do a very good job as an alternative lawnmower, and I have to say that I am impressed at how much they keep the grass down. Sauntie rotates them around so they don't start chomping at the wood apparently, but so far there's still grass in their pen. I watched them for a while, and some of them came over to me to I guess say hi, although I really don't know as I don't speak goat, but hi would be on my list of first things to say if I were a goat and meeting a human. The Pita has also left for a few days back to work, although she's returning I think with a few more people towards the end of this week. Kingsley and Susan are staying, and they've been good company so far. I said to Kingsley today, who was it that invented coffee and poutine? I think it's a strange combination. The story goes that it was an accidental order, but then they didn't mind it, and eventually the rest of them tried it, and so as tradition goes, every third Sunday they do their clan name proud. Kingsley was talking about board games again, so I said oh no not Monopoly is it, but it wasn't. So LKSM and I had a game, I moved my own pieces and Mary's. For lunch we had tuna sandwiches, which Kingsley was not a big fan of (I think tuna is great though, especially in microwaveable tins) so he had some of the non-tuna sandwiches left over from last night. Then we finished our game (K won), and we went outside to have an amble in the woods. Well, that was the plan. Mary wanted to come, and we all kind of felt sorry for her being excluded, myself included, so what happened was we all actually just piled into the Mary and went for a drive by the outskirts of the wood, because the trails were too narrow. Mary thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, a thing she has also never tried. It was pretty crowded as you may imagine, and L was in the front passenger, with the K and S in the back. We had a good drive, mostly pretty slow and scenic, although once Mary complained at my driving, so I hit on the accelerator and spun the tyres into a ditch. By that I mean I made a ditch. Because the tyres spun out the grass and the dirt beneath it, so all was left was a hole for each wheel. Kingsley had to take some branches and wedge them under so Mary could get a good footing (or a good wheeling?) to get out again. I said Mary this is why you don't have turbochargers. I won that round.

Later on we went back to our rooms to sleep, and I decided to look out at the stars again, but through my window. Actually it wasn't so bad a view, except it wasn't as good as I thought, because when I was in my bed, then I had to crane my neck at about an eighty degree angle to be able to even see out. So what I actually did was grabbed some blankets, and went downstairs to Mary. Then I looked up through the sunroof/moonroof/starroof. The little top window thing. And saw the stars. Boy, were they magnificent. And as I looked up, lo and behold the twelfth letter of the alphabet had come with more blankets and hot chocolate. I said twelfth letter of the alphabet, what are you doing up? Or actually down, because we were on the top floor. She said I thought I'd come and join you. So she did, and we looked up at stars together. Then the moon came out from behind a cloud, and we looked at the moon. It was beautiful, almost a full moon too. I said L do you do this often? She said not as often as I can, but I should. I was born in the Falls, and I love the Falls. It's strange that D has done stargazing more than I have, he's from the city, you know. And I thought to myself maybe that's why he likes the stars so much, because he's never got used to them. L said I do like the stars though, once I went to where Dylan came from, and neon lights just aren't the same. I said no they're definitely not. Although you can't see Constellation Mickey D here. She said that's true, but look there's the ramen constellation. I said look there's the spring roll cluster. She said stop, now I'm hungry, and we both laughed and looked up again.

Mary broke the silence this time, and started talking about Christmas. She said she'd like fins, thrusters, and rocket fuel. I said no.

- Livi.