PAIGE 100 - UR


Happy blog-day to you! Happy blog-day to you! Happy blog-day, happy blog-day, happy blog-day to you!

Dear blog, you are 100 today. I would like to take this time to thank the webs, my car, and my parents. Without the webs, this web-blog would just be a blog-blog. Without my car, life would be so much more dull, and I would have had no way to prepare for parenthood. Speaking of which, I am very much indebted to both my parents, I could not have done this, or actually anything without you.

Today we drove down to church, most of us, and the drive from the instead was lovely. I feel like I didn't get quite enough sleep since we were up so late, but sometimes you have to make exceptions, because things like that, and spending time with people you love are important. So we drove through these fields, and some of them which were green when we came were white. Mary said to me, Livi what's that? And there were all these white things in the air, like clouds. I said to Mary, those are dandelions. She said what are dandelions? I said they are big cats who have too much money and go around wasting it. As we were driving through, I heard a sound far off, and we stopped for a minute (it was early, so we still had time before church), and it was a river. I said to Mary, we didn't even notice it before when we were coming, I wonder if it wasn't flowing as much before. Mary said what makes it flow more? I said water that comes either from snow melting, or rain upstream. She said that was interesting. I felt like I was teaching in school, but for that moment there I kind of remembered what it was like for me to be a kid, how wonderful everything was to learn. Why is it that things don't seem as amazing the fourteenth time? Maybe growing old well means growing younger sometimes.

We arrived at the church (DLK took the bus, S wasn't feeling to well today) and sat down in time for the service. Today he was talking about Ur, by which I mean the place where Abraham left from. It as apparently in a very fertile valley or land in the middle east area, so to leave it would have seemed strange. But God said Abraham, go. So he went, and didn't even know where he was going to, except that God was calling him to it. I can only imagine when God told him to leave everything he knew, including his family, and his relatives, he probably said urr... except that that's not what he did. I probably would have said ur. But he just went, I think because he knew God better than he knew the place. And so the story goes. I was saying last night about watching stars. Well, that's what Abraham did long before I did.

I also say ur when someone steps on my toe, then I remember that I am that person. Really whenever penguins come you can be pretty sure I'm tempted to head back to Ur. But that's the thing I forget, you see, that the only way to walk is with your head looking up.

- Livi.