So this was something I started as a personal writing challenge, for the reason that it was something I had not done before. I wanted to write a slice-of-life with a female protagonist in the form of a web-blog. I had never intended this to turn into an actual project, but as it began, the characters started filling out and taking on a whole life of their own, so once I saw that it was becoming a project, I ran with it. This is probably the least serious of all my projects that I have done, and somehow it has ended up so large that it has its own website.

On a more serious note, or perhaps not, I hope that this lighthearted romp might give you a bit of brightness in your day. That's how I feel about this project: it's been a very refreshing stop along the way, so I do hope you will find it worth your stay. If you want something generally more serious, I have a number of projects over at EMERVANE.com.